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thetabloid's Journal

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The LiveJournal Tabloid -- Extry! Extry!
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Reporters: hellbelle, kielle, onthebeat, others anonymous.

There are celebrities among us...and it's up your friendly neighborhood paparazzi to ferret out their deep, dark, and dirty little secrets. Don't delay! Bookmark the Tabloid's Society Page (aka "Friends List") to find out what they're up to RIGHT NOW!!!

In other words, our only members are the fakejournals of famous people/characters. This is a closed community; posting ability is restricted to editors and reporters. If you're a reader, please add us to your Friends list. If you're a "celeb," contact the editor to be added to ours. Rules for inclusion:

  • The journal must be written in character. No fanclubs.
  • The "character" can be anyone in the media -- political, sports, entertainment, etc. -- or any fictional being.
  • The journal should be more than one entry long.
  • Funny journals rock! Not a rule, just a hint.
  • We reserve the right to reject journals that are dull, lame, or TOO disturbing.
Feel free to add us to your Friends list or to "watch" our celebs just for fun. On the other hand, if you want to get involved, we need reporters! Read this edition for details...

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