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This is getting completely out of hand...

Sorry for our readers on the boyband/Buffy fronts, but we've had to temporarily reassign reporters' beats to bring in the ongoing flood of additions from Middle Earth. Now on the roster:

  • the Balrog, late of Moria
  • Elladan's much-abused twin brother Lord Elrohir
  • Eowyn's somewhat bitter twin brother Eomer
  • Haldir's quiet brother Rumil

    We also have three legends making a comeback appearance: Luthien, Queen Beruthiel, and the the ghost of Isildur.

    Last but not least, let's have a hearty red-carpet welcome for a duplicate king and queen of Lorien (Celeborn & Galadriel) and another One Ring. Okay, so that's an oxymoron, but hey -- we here at the Tabloid say you can never have too many all-powerful items of corruption!

    In other news, the reply to our poll was lackluster at least. Is this about the two-page Martha Stewart photoshoot spread in our last issue? How many times do we have to apologize for that? She WAS wearing doilies, you lot! Irregardless (as the illiterate would say), we'll take your input under consideration...
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