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Hot off the presses!

Today's One-Shots:
  • bob_dole -- who apparently can't type one-handed after all
  • itsagoodthing -- who's delusional but hey, more Martha for everyone
This just in: the President himself has given a statement to THE TABLOID! georgewbush says: "The media will never leave me alone." Not for the next three years, anyway. After that you're free to go, sir!

Speaking of the White House, we're proud to present our new direct hotline to the man a bullet away: dick_cheney. No, he's not dead yet.

In other news, miss_cleo still hasn't scored with ronpopeil, gokou and vegita are apparently on speaking terms, and kate_moss allegedly ate an entire Tic-Tac. What this means, we aren't sure yet.
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