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White Dwarf reporting.

My, my, you just can't trust those Saiy-jins can you? Seems like Gokou and his little friends are up to mischief as usual.

If preparing for the Tenkaichi Budoukai (that's the Worlds Martial Arts competition for those of us who live in the USA and don't buy the fansubs) wasn't enough, that little gang of wide eyed folks are up to all sorts of things.

Seems that Gokou couldn't let the dead rest, so he had to gather up the dragon balls and bring his brother, Raditz, back. Excuse me, Gokou, isn't that playing in God' I mean Kami... or is it Dende's? backyard? I thought we were supposed to leave the dead to whatever fate decided for them, not bring them back on some whim. Tsk tsk.

But it seems in the DBZ world, the dead never lie quietly. (How annoying) In their world you get all sorts of fringe benifits by being dead. Seems that Goku's dad, Bardock has his own laptop and journal as well. I guess there are some perks in being the commander of Hell's army. And, being the generous sort he is, he's even given his third-in-command, Brolli computer time so he can update his own journal. How thoughtful of him. A little warning about Brolli, if you should "run into him" he's not very talkative right now and has a very sorted past. Don't worry, big fellow. You stick with Bardock and you'll be on the right path in no time. And maybe, you can reconcile with your long lost daughter, Vezelay. Okay, so she wasn't created the good old-fashioned way (my personal favorite) but she's still your daughter. Spend some quality journaltime with her! You'll feel better in the long run.

As we might expect, being able to chat with the dead via livejournal is not enough for this group, oh no. It seems that the Prince of All Saiy-jins, that sexgod himself, Vegeta has decided to organize a little trip into space to find (you're going to love this one) The Library. That's right, apparently our puny little earth libraries aren't good enough for Vegeta, he has to find a special space library. Hope you have your library card, Vegeta! He's bringing all the Saiy-jins and part Saiy-jins with him. Mother nature is sure glad to hear about that, seeing how that gang is always "redecorating" her place, by blowing up mountains.

We had a little trouble in the romance department recently. Seems that ChiChi had enough of Gokou's constant "Bye honey, I'm off to save the world! Mind if I take the kids?" and raised a bit of a fuss. But you'll all sleep easier now knowing that true love never dies and they've made amends.

My, I do go on, don't I? Well, let me tell you, these folks give you lots to talk about. I could just go on all day about the whacky things they get into. But, unfortunately, I have to skiddadle out of here. My Psychic advisor is at the door.

Until next time the gang is up to mischief (which you all know will be soon!) This is White Dwarf, signing off!
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