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Changing of the guard...

Hello, folks! The Tabloid is now a closed community. No worries, nothing has really changed -- we'll keep adding celebs to our tabs list and we still welcome readers. However, we're opening the floor up to anyone who wants to "report" the best gossip from any fakejournal community they know best.

Please apply to the editor if you would like to have posting access as a "reporter." All of our reporters are free to either use their existing accounts or this one. Anyone using "onthebeat" to bring you the news will be required to sign off with a pseudonym...and that's all you'll ever know of their identity. Mysterious, eh?

In my case, however, I will continue to operate as a known quantity. If you have any questions or requests, don't hesitate to contact me.

PS: See you at Buffy's party tonight!

-- K. (Editor)
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