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A quick and dirty update

Sorry this issue isn't pretty, but we've got a lot of renovating going on behind the scenes! Here's your fix for the day:

Fellow Communities:
hellmouth, middle_earth, must_be_pop, saiyjins_unite, & studio_54

DragonBall (Z):
badmans_girl, bourei, brollisdaughter, desert_bandit, fin_katt, generalbardock, gotens, namek_warrior, prince_vegeta, raditz, sath, son_of_vegeta, & tienshinhan

amy_madison, buffy_bot, hellsglory, just_a_key, lady_drusilla, magicboxdemon, misskfantastico, vampdru, xander_harris, & xandman2000

Mixed Bag:
agent_smith, ratkrycek, mumm_ra, & heman

We highly recommend agent_smith & heman. And a special thanks to misskfantastico for getting us working on this update!

PS: Input from an expert in the field of X-Files fakejournals would be much appreciated. Poor Krycek looks so lonely on our list...and we'd just love an excuse to use that toxic green we've slated for our X-Files celebs...
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