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Special Edition: Now Hiring!

The Tabloid is probably soon going to become a community, open only to characters, celebrities, and reporters. "Reporters?" you say? Yup! My job as editor is to find you folks, but it would take a brain the size of Ohio to actually keep up with all the "communities" involved!

To that end, I am seeking someone (or someones) who would be willing to sign into The Tabloid at least once a week (or more!) to bring the world a quick condensation of the best gossip in your own particular field of specialization -- be it rockstar, celeb, anime, tv show, movie, or any other fakejournal "community" you follow on a daily basis. It's fun, it's easy, it's prestigeous...well, okay, that's debateable, but I COULD create a nifty little press-pass "badge" graphic you could paste into your profile. Idea? Hrm!

This offer is open to both participants AND devoted groupies, so if this sounds like fun (and if you're sure you can do it, no slackers please!) just give me a holler. And please pass this link on to any hubs of "fakejournal" activity you are aware of!
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