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LOTR Edition #3: Good Lord, They're Breeding!

Whew! We here at The Tabloid hate to seem fixated, but there's more of these middle-Earth refugees on a daily basis! Now on the Hollywood Tour are:

  • Gwaihir (King Of The Eagles)
  • Haldir
  • Lurtz (the head Uruk-Hai, and a real bastard too)
  • Tom Bombadil & Goldberry

    Plus a mixed pack of spouses (spice?) and offspring:
  • Celeborn (Galadriel's husband)
  • Elladan (Elrond's son)
  • Frodo Gamgee (Sam's future son, and bitter he is too!)
  • Diamond Took (Pippin's future wife)
  • Celebrian (Elrond's wife, back from the Havens it seems)

    We've also spotted a second Celebrian, but so far she hasn't had much to say... PS: Mr. Lurtz, our bill for two broken cameras (and one broken reporter) is in the mail.
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