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Special "Ya Gotta Have Faith" Edition!

Thanks in part to diligent cub reporter annlarimer, we have a few guests from On High (and Down Below) joining us this afternoon. Get those cameras a-poppin' to welcome almightygod, the pope, and surprise guest star satan! Actually, we're not too sure about ol' Satan there, but we'll give him (her?) a shot.

We're also considering adding jesus_christ to the line-up, but after that close-up photo of the, er, Holy Fount (if you get my drift)...well, even THE TABLOID has standards. Visit this Messiah's digs at your own risk.

And say, lucifer? Promising beginning, dahling, but no follow-through. Get back to work! Your followers are partying it up in your absence, and it's getting pretty hairy...I mean, yikes! Rampant uncensored philosophy everywhere!

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